HOUZZ Australia Pro Panel: The Biggest Kitchen Design Blunder You Could Make

Houzz Australia has now published the second instalment of its new editorial series "The Pro Panel".

This time Houzz asks seven experts, "What is the biggest kitchen design blunder you could make?"
Read my answer, and that of six other industry experts over on the Houzz website (link below). 

Interior Designer Anne Ellard of Anne Ellard DesignIn my opinion, the biggest design blunder that a lot of people make in any part of their home, but particularly in the kitchen, is not going with their heart and feeling they should follow the latest trends. Trends, like fashion, come and go, and what was the ‘in thing’ five years ago could, quite possibly, be considered dated today. I encourage clients to consider two main factors, first and foremost, when working together on the design of their new kitchen. One is the style and era of their home, and the second is their own personal taste. The shiny white kitchen on the cover of a magazine, for instance, may not be the right choice for you or your home. Follow your heart 

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