HOUZZ Australia Pro Panel: The Design Rule That Is Ok to Break...

Houzz Australia has just published another instalment of its "The Pro Panel" series.

This panel gives their opinion on "The Design Rule That Is Ok to Break...."
Thank you to Houzz for inviting me to be a part of the panel.

Interior Designer Anne Ellard of Anne Ellard DesignOne design rule that I have never been able to follow myself and therefore completely condone the breaking of is sticking to one style in a room or entire home. I call it the catalogue look – everything matching and perfectly coordinated as if it was all just freshly delivered from an interiors showroom. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike this look or encourage people away from it; I just prefer a more natural, eclectic look that incorporates different styles and pieces from different eras to create a relaxed, lived-in look. I guess it stems from the fact that I don’t favour any one style or era – I embrace all styles from contemporary to traditional and love mixing and matching.

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